What's Happy Dispatch?

Happy Dispatch was formed in a tiny Chinese restaurant specialized in congee in Manhattan. As you could guess, the taste of the beginning was not thick, but plain

Yo-screamer and Nachi happened to meet at a coin-operated laundry in East Village. Yo-Screamer was over staying in N.Y. with making a living out of being a model and surviving with an innocent minor crime while Nachi was staying there as a photographer for a short period.

Just about a week later, the both happened to hook up again at GBGB'd5s and, having a chat about music and finding the taste was pretty similar, they decided to form a band. Nachi'd5s got experience of playing bass in several bands and Yo-screamer has got a stolen guitar.

As Nachi did not have her own bass at the time, she headed for a flee market to find one where the lowest priced bass guitar was sold by a guy called John-sque. There was no price tag of anything on a vinyl sheet there of his, but there was a piece of paper saying "Love". Anything could be sold for a good and lovely smile. Hearing a story of forming a band from Nachi and Yo-screamer, John-sque told them on his story of playing percussions and joining to the band. The both of Nachi and Yo-screamer loved John-sque with Ray-Ban sun-glasses as well as his smiles.

Finding the like minds there together, they went to that Chinese restaurant to have dinner and had endless talk of and on music, bands and life with maybe about world peace.While the three getting mad on chatting, there was a mystic Asian bloke opening a map of Manhattan and John-sque found out that he actually was a Japanese boy named Uz after giving him a couple of words. Uz was drifted in to China town in his free time of a package tour, "Two Days in Big Apple" that he won as a prize in Aomori Farming Fair whose region is well known as producing the best apple in Japan. Hearing Uz asking Yo-Screamer about second hand book shops and guitar shops, Yo-Screamer'd5s response was "Fuck sake, You play guitar? Come on in and make a bad!" A band is born and name after a brushed graffiti on the wall of the restaurant, Happy Dispatch.

The following day, Uz sold his flight ticket back to Japan to buy a guitar and sneak out of the package tour but got straight into a flat of Yo-Screamer. Without having repertoire, the band started gigging with full noise and all of those things happened just in a week. The first show with full of surprises and amazing impacts was well received, but the one freaked out of the music was an engineer behind the PA system, Moky, fell in love with this reckless bunch of musicians and decided to join in the band straight away. Having his enthusiasm, the band got boosted in writing new songs and creating new materials, but the financial part of the life unfortunately run out. Facing to the reality of life of a musician, they made up a plan to fly to a land of rising yen, and maybe dollar as well, and all together moved to Tokyo as the home ground of their music.
mame A while later, John-sque faced to quit the band as he was too busy on preaching love to the mass, Moky was replace as the drummer giving some new edges to the sound of the band. Soon or later, DJ Palpumte from Kikai island, from far southern part of Japan, joined in the force, started playing around with samplers. As the result or maybe not, the band'd5s favorite drink is shochu, Kikai-jima from that island.

At the present, the band , Happy Dispatch, has Yo-screamer(Vo,Gt),Nachi(Ba,cho),Uz(Gt,Key,Vo),Moky(Dr.) and Palpumte(Noise). Occasionally John-sque(Dr.) joined in playing together. Nobody in the first place imagined the band would be this sharp edged with thick and heavy taste at the restaurant. Each of the guys'd5 taste was plain and simple, but all well balanced, perhaps, and through a chemical factory of music, it becomes something unique and phenomenal. Try us and taste the best congee of music!

moky Moky
uz Uz
yoscreamer Yo-screamer
nachi Nachi
johnsque John-sque
palpumte Palpumte

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